Why Brewster?

Scenic • Historic • Quiet • Convenient

The Brewster General Store

Located on Cape Cod Bay along historic Route 6A, Brewster offers the charm of a bygone era. This scenic route, lined with stately captain’s homes, quaint antique shops, and long stretches of picturesque tidal marshes, is a quiet contrast to the congested highways lined with souvenir shops, mini-golf courses, and motels on the Nantucket Sound side of Cape Cod.

Nestled at Cape Cod’s mid-point, Brewster is home to Nickerson State Park and a large section of the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

The town’s location is also ideal for exploring the outer Cape, if you can break away from Brewster’s allure. Brewster is a relaxing, family-friendly destination with its own general store, quaint architecture, friendly people, and best of all, very special beaches.

The Benefits of Being on the “Bay-Side” of Cape Cod

Beaches on Cape Cod Bay offer calm and clear waves, warmer waters than the Atlantic, and less crowded, private beaches. The natural beauty of the bay beaches has been preserved by dedicated residents and conservation groups to protect this landscape for future generations. A unique feature of Brewster’s coastline is its tidal flats. These bay beaches stretch out for a mile at low tide, uncovering treasures such as hermit crabs, sea shells, and vast terrain for long walks and spectacular sunsets. At high tide, the calm waters are ideal for swimming and perfect for younger children, as opposed to the larger waves and riptides common along the Atlantic and Nantucket Sound.